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Inspired Sober Living

Sober Living Marin, by Shine A Light, provides the final stage of recovery support before independent living. Sober Living Marin offers a variety of settings between its four SLEs, from gender-specific homes to 24/7 staff supported home. Our residents are offered complimentary recovery coaching, case management, and participation in groups.

Shine A Light and Sober Living Marin believes in the innate wholeness and well-being of our residents. With a holistic approach, Sober Living Marin helps heal the mind, body, and Spirit.

What Sets Sober Living Marin Apart

Comprehensive Support

Unique to Sober Living Marin, all residents are offered individual recovery coaching with a certified addiction counselor, participation in groups, and case management. While it is not mandatory for residency, the support provided can help facilitate and build a solid foundation in long term, sustainable recovery.

The benefits of recovery coaching include moving residents towards outcome-oriented and solution-based action to enrich a balanced lifestyle and healthy living. We believe accomplishment is gained within the partnership by increasing awareness of the resident’s responsibility, choices, and actions–which in turn accelerates his or her progress in recovery.

Groups and Educational Classes:

  • Men’s Group
  • Women’s Group
  • Relapse Prevention Class
  • Nutrition 101
  • Adventure Group
  • Mindfulness Group


Shine A Light’s groups and classes are only designed for support. We are not treatment nor are we an intensive outpatient program. Our philosophy is to provide the appropriate and necessary support for each individual. Some residents are unable to attend IOP due to finances or other restrictions. Shine A Light wants to enable each person to have an opportunity to attend support groups to help establish and realize a full, healthy life in recovery.

The Commitment of Our Clients

We carefully select the participants in our sober living homes. We invite adults, both men and women, who are committed to their own success as well as the success of those with whom they live.

Every house member is carefully screened to ensure his or her readiness for sober living. After successfully completing a residential treatment or extended care program, individuals are welcome to transition into one of Sober Living Marin’s SLEs. Our house members are generally required to have completed a residential treatment program or have more than two (2) months of continuous sobriety.

If you or someone you love desires a unique sober living experience with exceptional recovery services, please contact Sober Living Marin at (877) 227-7073. We will help you navigate the road to recovery.