Structured Sober Living

Freedom LadyMy experience in sober living provided the necessary structure in my life during early recovery. I moved into an all-women’s home in Marin County that had anywhere from 8-10 women living at the house.

I was fortunate to know a woman from treatment who, not only had more sobriety than I, had a car. The first night I got there was a Saturday and she told me we had to go to Blackie’s Pasture. We both got dressed up, arrived late, and sat in the back of the room. But we had so much fun–bonding in early recovery. We went to meetings together. We got coffee together. We giggled and attended AA functions.

It was around New Year’s when I first moved into the sober home. I was trying desperately to find a job, to no avail. I was losing hope that life after the drink was worth it. My career and experience as a bartender was apparently not much good in the business world. I was slipping away from the pink cloud and resentment and frustration was setting in.

I remember one night thinking why was I even trying to do this “recovery” thing if I couldn’t get a job? I remember calling a friend at another sober house and they talked me down off the ledge. They told me to go to bed and it will turn out all right. Getting a drink isn’t going to solve anything.

I did what they suggested.

The next morning I saw the newspaper and found a want ad that eventually turned into a five year job–the first of many in my life in recovery. Without a sober home to keep me safe, I may have turned to alcohol to find a way to escape. Instead, I stayed put and did the next right thing.